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EFFA is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports European Film Festivals through a constant exchange of ideas, information and content. 


Born in 2020, in a moment where collaboration between cinema workers became essential for the survival of the above-mentioned events, the Alliance wants to create a collaborative community, a new ecosystem to give a voice to film festivals and those who run them.


EFFA works year-round to advocate the role of film festivals in the entertainment industry as a vital step in the distribution path of a movie and to connect festival professionals with industry players and with each other. 


The Alliance will hold a meeting between its members once a year where the new strategies and new prospects of the festival international stage will be discussed. The first meeting will be held in Cesena during Nòt Film Fest’s Networking days in  August 2021.


EFFA’ strength is in the diversity of its members and the programs they present. We believes in the power of education through cinema and in the importance of collaboration to ensure the circulation of films.  

EFFA’s mission is the networking of organizations for circulation and promotion of European films both nationally, on the continent and internationally.


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